Top Ten Small Business Marketing Ideas:

Are You Taking Advantage of These Easy Ways to Market Your Product or Service?

Looking for some small business marketing ideas that are easy on your budget and your time?

Small business owners wear many hats and it can be challenging to find time for marketing. These top ten small business marketing ideas give the maximum “bang for the buck” for relatively little investment of time.

Keep reading for the top ten small business marketing strategies that you can implement quickly and easily:

1. Include a Tagline on Business Literature & Stationery

All your company literature should promote your business, not only your marketing materials. It costs no more to design them with promotions than it does to design them without! Create a catchy one-line tagline that communicates the benefits of doing business with your company and use it on all literature and communications.

2. Make Your Business Cards Sticky

Create a tagline or promo line for your business card. It should be something that will prompt the holder to contact you and/or keep the card handy. Examples: “Fashion on a Budget. Return this card for a FREE T-shirt” (retail clothing store), “10% off on next purchase” (include a coupon code), “Small Business Marketing Ideas Made Easy – Contact us for your FREE report”, etc.

3. Offer Value-Added Services

To be successful you must stand apart from the competition. You can do this by developing and promoting) value-added services. It doesn’t have to be something complicated… in fact it may be so obvious that you don’t even think about it. You have expertise in your field. So you could offer a free thirty-minute consultation with each purchase over a certain amount. This gives you the added benefit of learning more about your customer’s needs, developing a stronger relationship, and maybe upselling other products and services also.

4. Develop an Elevator Pitch

Business professionals are often asked “what do you do?” Develop a 10 second answer to this question, and practice it. It should include a description of your target customers and the benefits your business provides. Example: “I work with small local businesses and entrepreneurs. I provide them with inexpensive ways to leverage the Web to sell products and services and serve their customers better. I do this through my website and at local seminars.”

5. Publish a Newsletter

Send out a brief newsletter on a regular basis (once or twice a month) to current customers, “old” customers, and prospects. You can do this inexpensively via email, or send a direct mail piece. Let them know about any current promotions, provide a discount or bonus offer, and include some useful informational article to encourage signups.

6. Leverage Client Testimonials

Write up a testimonial or case study from a recent customer and use it on your website, and in your marketing materials and newsletter. Make sure you have the customer’s approval first.

7. Make Your Emails Work for You

Create an email signature to use on all your outgoing emails. It should not only include your company name, website link, and contact information, but also promotes your business. Add your tagline and a current promotion (with link).

8. Update Your Voice Message to Market Your Business

Your voice mail recording should market your business. For example: “Thank you for calling The Corner Deli – Hayward’s tastiest place for a quick bite. At the corner of Main and First, we’re open 7-8 seven days a week and we also deliver. Please leave a message, and we’ll return your call as soon as we can. You can also check us out on the web at”

9. Use Stories to Sell

When telling people what you do, or in promotional communications, use examples. This helps people better understand what you can do for them, and provides proof of value at the same time. For example: “I help people find homes; I’m a realtor. In fact, just last week I helped a newly married couple find and close on their first house. They didn’t think they could afford to buy until I went through the numbers with them and showed them a promising fixer property within their budget.”

10. Make Envelopes Ask to be Opened

Do you send direct mail pieces? Use the left-hand side of the envelope to motivate the reader to open it and to read what’s inside. Example: What’s inside for YOU? 10 Tips for Increasing Sales in the Recession!

Other Small Business Marketing Ideas

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