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I first learnt about Site Build It! (or SBI!) from SiteSell from positive SBI reviews I read at a number of popular websites that I enjoyed visiting and that were built with SBI. I was curious to learn more about it after hearing of their success, but at first the information made me cautious. An all-in-one tool that can guide you to build, market and monetize a successful website, guaranteed? It sounded too good to be true! I also, honestly, found the SBI! sales pages just so long and packed with endorsements and testimonials that it reminded me too much of the “long copy” preferred by internet marketing scams… But as I found out SBI! is most definitely no scam.

I was looking to start a web business, focusing on providing information and tools online as well as consulting services, so I researched other ways to easily build a website without having to study html and all the other technical components. I wasn’t able to find anything as complete as SBI! so I went ahead and purchased the package. It’s been hard work, but nearly two years later the results have way surpassed what I was expecting.

Between my two sites I get hundreds of interested visitors every day, and those sites are more than profitable between a combination of my own electronic products (downloadable templates), affiliate products, advertising, and services. I’m pretty sure I could not have accomplished that so quickly without SBI!

Using SBI! has allowed me to focus on writing content that I enjoy writing, and growing the business, without having to focus on the technical logistics of building web pages, managing all the content and links, submitting to search engines, etc etc. It may seem a little pricey compared to just getting a vanilla web host and buying a domain name… but not so when I consider the traffic that started building automatically once I followed the SBI! process.

Other SBI Reviews:

Here are some other SBI reviews and case studies:

"SBI delivers the leads that we need to make our business profitable. It is up to us (and hard work) to take those leads and make them customers. (Kind of sounds like any real business, huh?)"
~ Jerry Mack

"How powerful are SBI!'s marketing principles that businesses from "mom and pop" shops to corporations can use them? Just as powerful as their total skills combined would be as one company. You Are In Control."
~ Richard Cannon
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"Having two children in college, and not finding much success in traditional marketing, SiteSell and SBI have made a tremendous difference in my life. And from what I see here in Silicon Valley, local search is just starting to take off. The best is yet to come!!"
~ Dr. John Burch DDS
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More About SBI!

The bottom line of our SBI reviews is that SBI! makes online business success do-able. Anyone can succeed with their all-in-one process, tools, and guidance. and SBI! was established by Dr. Ken Evoy in 1997. His series of books have helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses many of whom have also written positive SBI reviews.  They wrote some incredibly useful ebooks that are included with SBI, including Make Your Content PREsell! and Make Your Words Sell!. They are literally the dynamic duo of "Web-writing."

I found SBI! to be a really all-inclusive package. The annual price of $299 includes web hosting, domain registration, the Brainstorm It! research tool, education and training to build your website, active and incredibly useful forums, a great selection of web templates, Ezine creation and mailing, a site blog, automated search engine optimization tools (you could pay thousands for this alone), website analytics, a link-building program, and the ability to add any third-party application you might need, such as shopping carts, forums, etc. They recently added a really interesting feature that allows site visitors to add content pages also (that you then approve or edit) – that could be useful for reviews, questions, case studies, etc.

Now, SBI! isn’t perfect: there are a few things I wish they included, or I’d like to change, but on the whole those are fairly minor. For example, I’d love to have a way of building web pages offline as well as online using the easy-to-use SBI site building tool (you can also use your own HTML editing software and then upload it later). I’m also not very fond of their rather verbose style of writing in the Sitesell pages and training guide – but at the same time, all the information you need is right there. I also wish they had 3-column ready-to-go templates as well as the current 2-column ones (that’s something which is coming… and you can always use your own templates). The other thing to be aware of is that there's a lot of true work and time involved, but that's true for any real business endeavor.

Here are just some of the features that are included in the single fee:

  • Let’s You Focus on Building Your Business --- SBI! removes the technical barriers allowing you to keep your attention on building your business. Many functions are completely automated. You don't need to know anything upfront about building a Web site in order to succeed. The tedious, "under-the-hood" stuff is handled automatically so you can focus on other important business-building activities.
  • Easily Build Web Pages --- Page creation is as simple as riding a bike with its training wheels still attached. No need to know HTML. The block-by-block builder trains you how to write a page that is both "Search Engine and human effective." It's simple, do-able and most importantly, effective site-building. The block-by-block builder is perfect for beginners, but even many "advanced" users should start with this tool. It's an excellent way to break bad habits!
  • Top-notch Web Hosting Included --- Fast, reliable, state-of-the-Net Web site hosting is all included with SBI!. You don't have to worry about choosing the right "hosting" features (size, capacity, etc.). Web hosting is included, no nonsense, no hidden clauses.
  • Helps You Understand your Visitors --- Traffic Stats and Click Analysis help you understand what your visitors like most. Understanding them helps you know what to write about, which in turn leads to more and more business.
  • e-Mail Marketing and e-Zines Included --- List-building and e-mail marketing are included (usually these expensive features are bought separately). Sign up visitors to your e-zine subscription list and then mail an issue to them. This repeat exposure builds a stronger bond with your visitors and allows for direct promotions to them. Deeper PREselling = More Monetization.
  • Includes an Automatic Blog --- Automatic site blogging turns your site into a blog easily. You'll enjoy all the benefits of a blog without needing extra skills or additional software. For those experienced with blogging, auto-pinging for your SBI! blog keeps your site on the Search Engines' radar. All of this helps attract more traffic.

And the best feature of all is that SBI! has a no-risk, 30-day money back guarantee. It's a risk-free decision that you can make with confidence and peace of mind.

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So why not give it a try? You may just find investing in Solo Build It! could grow your business more than any other marketing strategy you might try.  Here is the link to try Solo Build It! risk-free.