Postcard Marketing Tips:

How to Design Effective Direct Mail Pieces

Drive effective direct mail campaigns using these postcard marketing tips. They will help you to get a steady flow of new business from your postcard campaign.

Whatever your business, mailing marketing postcards can be a very cost-effective way to promote your products or services to potential customers.  There are lots of providers you can choose from, either online with VistaPrint, PsPrint or others, or at your local office supply or copy store.

Postcards can be an excellent vehicle for marketing your product or service, if they are planned carefully. Follow these suggestions to make sure your direct mail marketing campaign is as successful as possible:

9 Top Postcard Marketing Tips:

postcard marketing
  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, and craft a compelling value proposition, tagline, and messaging.
  • Make sure your postcard compels your prospect into action: include a coupon (at least 15%), promotion code or special “free gift” if they return the postcard to your business location or website.
  • Use your postcard to advertise a “free seminar” or “special preview”… basically, anything that will make your customer feel like they have been specially selected to participate in something valuable.
  • Personalize your postcard by sending it on your customer’s birthday, anniversary, or holiday. Include a reminder of renewal (for a subscription service) or re-order (for supplies), etc.
  • Remember that it often takes a number of impressions before your customer acts. Include a schedule of multiple mailings in your postcard marketing budget.
  • Include a special news announcement in your postcard (eg, “opening new office!”) that might spur your customer to reconnect with you or your store or website.
  • Take time to craft a compelling headline for your postcard: it should convey your key value and a strong benefit to your prospect.
  • Make sure your postcard restates your call-to-action multiple times. Make it easy for the prospect to respond, and preferably give them multiple ways to respond (go to the store, call phone number, visit website,…)
  • Make sure you track response rates. That way, you can tweak your direct mail marketing campaign in the future if needed.

Following these tips should help you to plan a successful postcard campaign. Implementing your campaign can be pretty easy with any of the online direct mail vendors out there. 


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