Naming Your Business: Top Ten Tips

Is it really all in a name? Well, maybe not, but in naming your business you do need to take some key considerations into account.

These are our top ten tips for naming a business, or for naming a product or service:

1. Make sure the Name has not been used

Do ensure that your business or product name is not already in use by someone else, and there are no legal or trademark issues with using it.

2. Choose a name that is easy to remember and to say

Try to find a name that is memorable (easy for potential customers to remember) and pronounceable.

3. Make the name easy to spell

If a potential customer hears the name from a friend or colleague, you want them to be able to easily search for it on Google, or type in your domain name, without making spelling mistakes. If that means you have to purchase two different domain names, then you should go ahead and do that.

4. Convey a positive message with your name

Your business name should convey something meaningful and positive about your business or product to your target customer base. It could convey a key product feature, or a benefit of using your product or service. If you’re unsure, then choose a few different options and run them by potential customers, asking them what they think of when they hear that name.

5. Make sure the domain name is available

Check available domain names before naming your business. You want an easy-to-remember domain name available that should be the same as your business or product name (as a .com, if you’re in the US – don’t bother with .net etc).

6. Make your name search-engine-friendly

Another key consideration in naming a business is to make sure your company name is Search Engine-friendly. It should be a word you can use as a keyword easily in your website without seeming awkward, and ideally it should be a word that is included in searches potential customers might do to find a business or product like yours.

7. Make sure there's no online reputation baggage

Do a Google search on your potential business name (ie, check its "online reputation"), just to make sure there are not negative references that pop up that might turn off your customers. Even if you know they have nothing to do with your product or your company, don’t assume your customers will know that.

8. Choose a name with global appeal

Make sure the name you are considering is not offensive or inappropriate in any country where you will be doing business. Check to see it does not have some unintended meaning in another language.

9. Start with a letter near the beginning of the alphabet

If possible, choose a name that starts with a letter that comes early in the alphabet. That way, you show up close to the top of lists of companies, lists of vendors, etc.

10. Choose a name with good graphic potential

Finally, does your name have good graphic potential? Does it inspire a cool logo or image that you could use in your marketing?

Follow These Tips to Make Naming Your Business Easy and Effective

Always remember to keep these ten tips in mind when naming your business or when naming a new product or service. That way your business name will be an asset in building your brand and in your marketing communication efforts.

In addition to a compelling business name, we also recommend putting together catchy advertising taglines for your business.