Hands-On Marketing Workshops

We offer practical marketing workshops to help you create or refine an effective, data-driven marketing plan through hands-on marketing training. 

Our workshops are never fluff.  Presented by an experienced marketer, strategist and coach, Joanna Lees, these marketing courses give you actionable insight that you can put into practice immediately to increase your business results. 

Filled with meaningful exercises and activities based on your actual business need, you will leave the workshop well on your way to a complete marketing plan that you can go start implementing the very next day.  We even include a 30-minute follow-up coaching session to keep you moving forward and answer any additional questions.

Below you will find more information on our marketing workshops.  We offer them both online and in-person in the New York City area, and the workshop can be offered privately to a group or company, if you wish - just contact us for more information. 

Please let us know through the contact form on this website if you would like to see our marketing training scheduled in your area or if you are interested in a private group workshop for your organization.

Hands-On Marketing Plan Workshop description

You’ll walk away from this hands-on marketing plan class with a solid start to your marketing plan for 2018.  The workshop is offered in-person in Hackensack, New Jersey (a short commute from New York City).

Reserve your tickets by contacting us for more information, 

Who Should Attend This Workshop?

  • Small or medium business owner who wants to increase their revenue in 2018 but not sure where to focus their marketing
  • Marketing planner who wants to refresh their marketing approach based on the latest digital marketing opportunities
  • Anyone considering launching a new business, or pivoting an existing business, in 2018

What is the Agenda?

The workshop typically starts at 10am and ends at 5pm, and coffee, refreshments, morning break and a boxed lunch will be provided. 

The location provides WiFi and we’ll have frequent breaks so you can attend to business or personal needs as required during the breaks, work on your marketing plan with one-on-one input from the trainer, or network with your fellow attendees.

The areas covered will include:

  1. Defining market niche & detailed target customer profile
  2. Analyzing the market
  3. Competitive assessment
  4. USP (unique selling proposition)
  5. Identifying distribution channels, partners and complementors
  6. Defining the marketing mix – strategies and tactics: Pricing, Promotion (online, offline, social media, search engines, other digital marketing areas), Product, Place
  7. Measuring & refining your marketing

The class will use our 7-Step Marketing Strategy Process as outlined in our eBook which you can purchase here.  The eBook will be provided to class participants, but if you purchase a copy beforehand then the purchase price can be put toward the registration fees for a discount.

So sign up now and let’s work on your marketing plan together!   

Online Marketing Plan Workshop description

We can also offer a condensed version of the Marketing Plan Workshop agenda above, fully online.  So if you are not close to Hackensack, please join us online.  We will cover the same agenda as above, and include a 30-minute followup coaching session to make sure you're off on the right track with your marketing plan for 2018.