Marketing Plan Outline

A marketing plan outline can be useful to get your started on planning your marketing strategy.

Below is a sample marketing plan outline, together with the main sections:

Example Marketing Plan Outline

Executive Summary

  • Company and Product Overview
  • Date Business Began
  • Names of Founders/Management
  • Number of Employees
  • Location(s) of Business

Market Competitive Analysis

  • Industry Description and Outlook
  • Target Market Summary
  • Evaluation of the Competition

Marketing Strategy

  • Target Customer(s) and Segment(s)
  • Customer Pain Points Addressed
  • Value Proposition

Marketing Tactics & Approach

  • Marketing Mix
  • Channel
  • Budget & Timeline

Sales Strategy

  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Sales Approach



  • References (relevant articles or sites)
  • Competitor Detail Information
  • Any other market research detail information

Get Started Now with your Marketing Plan Outline

This framework can be a good starting point to put together your custom marketing strategy. Also check out the sections on writing a marketing plan, marketing strategy planning, and defining your marketing mix.