Internet Marketing Tips

Four Easy Steps to Effective DIGITAL Marketing

These internet marketing tips will help you stay productive with your digital strategy.

Sometimes, even if you're finding success from your web site marketing efforts, it just takes too much time to stay on top of all the social media, blogs, forums, newsletters, videos and everything else. 

Do you worry about how to manage your digital marketing more efficiently?

That’s a common concern. The fact is that all companies need a plan and a schedule for their internet marketing, just like any other area of your business. It will keep you focused on the most effective web site marketing tips rather than chasing every possible social post that you could comment on.

Internet marketing can be a very cost-effective way to reach your target customers. These are just some of our tips for zero-budget affordable internet marketing strategy. But it can also be a big time sink. The challenge is to prioritize the online activities you could be doing to market your product or service, figure out how much time you have available to do it in, and then write down a simple weekly plan to stay focused.

4 Easy Internet Marketing Tips

Internet marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here’s an easy method that breaks it down into a few doable steps:

  1. First, figure out your overall internet marketing strategy: take a look at this article, and prioritize which of the activities are the most critical for your market segment.
  2. Next, write down a weekly or monthly goal for each item on your list. A strategy that I have often used looks something like: Write one online article a month and post it to your blog, website or guest post, Answer three questions per week on social media (target those that are active and in your target market), comment on other people’s blogs or social posts, Add one new article or page to your website each week, Post to your own blog two times per week, Publish a newsletter monthly, Every two months find a new directory to get listed in.
  3. Define how much time per day (or per week) you have available to spend on internet marketing.
  4. Once you have defined your internet marketing plan and schedule, then stick with it. Don’t spend all day in the blogosphere posting comments & links on blog after blog (unless you have all the spare time in the world!). Read the most impactful blogs, find one where you can post a meaningful comment (and link) and add to the discussion, and then move on. You absolutely don’t need to stay on top of all of them in your niche. Same thing with forums, answer sites, and newsletters.

If you follow these internet marketing tips, you’ll find your online efforts are much more productive and effective in growing your business.