Green Marketing Strategies:

Five Simple Green Marketing Rules

This green marketing strategies article was written by Laura Wharton

Is your business green? If so, you should consider green marketing strategies to leverage your great and timely story for business benefit.

If your company has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability in either its design or manufacturing of a product or a service that's keen on green, follow these five simple rules for green marketing to put yourself ahead of the competition:

1. Customers Want What They Want. Do your customers care about the benefits your product or service offers? If customers are just learning about what it means to be green, take baby steps in your introduction of why your product or service is important to the environment.

2. Educate Customers to Empower Them. Through education, your customers can learn to see that the choices they make when selecting your company's goods and services do make a difference for the planet -- even on a small or local scale.

3. Truth in Advertising is Critical. Skip the hype and promote the truth about what's good about your product. Buyers are skeptical, so it's up to you to give them proof.

4. Offer Proof. If your product or service does something wonderful, that's great. Just be prepared to offer proof (see No. 3, above): test results and credible testimonials can make the case for you.

5. Keep Pricing in Line With Expectations. For the customer who can afford a high-end green product without questioning its price, all you need to do is to keep your price where it is. However, if you want to entice non-premium buyers to the table, you may have to change the price - or add more value so the price is more acceptable.

How does your company's marketing stack up? Are you offering proof on your marketing claims? Are you educating customers and being transparent in your marketing? Are you offering a valuable product or service that customers see as sustainable?

When you can answer in the affirmative, you're well on your way to the sustainability - of your company.

The president of Wharton Communications, Laura S. Wharton is a marketing communications consultant and professional copywriter with over 24 years experience. 

Planning your Green Marketing Strategies

Even if going green is your primary value proposition and marketing message for your business, green marketing strategies should still be only one component of your overall marketing plan. Take a look at this article for more guidance on marketing strategy planning

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