Creative Marketing Tips: How to Stand Out From the Crowd

Are you looking for some creative marketing tips to help you stand out from the crowd?

It is true that sometimes the best way to have your marketing get noticed is to do something different from your competitors.

But how do you come up with an idea that will really resonate with your target market?

How can you make sure your marketing is creative, without being kooky?

Check Out The Creative Marketing Tips and Guidelines Below.

1. Don’t Go Overboard

Unless your customer base is really into outrageous gimmicks it could backfire.

2. Keep it Simple

We’re in a recession, remember? Gone are the days of dot-coms spending millions of dollars on some outlandish marketing blitz. You do want to attract your customers’ attention, but you don’t want them thinking you obviously have money to waste!

3. Show Your Personality

Ask yourself what is the personality or culture of your company? Is it fun? Or techie? Environmentally minded? Whatever it is, try to reflect that in your creative marketing effort.

4. Leverage Free Publicity

Are there any stunts you could do to get free media publicity? Leverage an existing community event, for example. Post a challenge to the public. Sponsor a competition that people will talk about (eg, to get into the Guinness Book of Records). It should be related to your business, and reflect your culture.

5. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Issue a press release and communicate your creative marketing activity to your local and industry media. Write an article and publish it online; send it to a local paper. Notify industry bloggers and magazine/website editors. Announce it on forums, in your newsletter, on blogs. Create an online buzz around your marketing initiative.

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