Blog Marketing Tips:

How to Use Your Blog as a Marketing Tool

Are you looking for some blog marketing tips? Do you ever wonder how to best use blogging as a marketing tool? Use these blog marketing strategies to drive traffic and links to your blog and your business.

In order to effectively use blogs as marketing tools, there are fundamental strategies that you must follow. Miss any one of these and you may have the content without the traffic, or a short-term surge in traffic without anyone coming back for more, or you might end up with a popular blog that doesn’t succeed in driving paying customers to your business.

Bottom line, a good business blog must have these ingredients:

- Be updated frequently

- Have great content

- Have plenty of inbound links

- Rank well with the search engines

- Have a solid linking strategy with your business website

Here are my top ten blog marketing tips:

1. Post to Your Blog at Least Weekly

The most important thing about using blogs as a marketing tool, and one of the reasons that the search engines love them, is that they offer regularly updated content. If you don’t have time to post to your blog at least once, but preferably 2-3 times, per week or per month, then better not to have a blog at all.

2. Include Keywords in Your Blog Posts

Your approach to writing blog posts should be the same as writing web pages – just shorter. The SEO rules still apply: choose a strong main keyword and a number of secondary keywords, use them in your title and description, and scatter them through your content and headlines.

3. Submit Your Blog to Directories & Search Engines

Make sure to submit both your RSS feed and the blog URL to authoritative RSS and Blog directories and to search engines. Identify specialized directories in your niche and submit it there also.

4. Use Your Own Domain Name

Your blog could be either a subdirectory or page of your website, or a separate domain. But don’t be tempted to use one of the free hosted domains if you’re serious about your business blog. These are absolutely fine for a personal or hobby blog, but do not reflect a professional enough image for a business.

5. Comment on Other Blogs

Regularly search out other blogs in your niche, and add comments where you have additional relevant information. You can include a link to useful posts on your blog, if it is really adding value to the original author’s post. One of the best blog marketing tips to save you time, is to use Google Alerts to monitor comments and mentions of your blog, and to find similar blogs.

6. Be Active in Social Media and Groups in Your Niche

What online groups, forums or social media do your target customers use frequently? Pick the most active ones, and join and participate in them. Become a regular, active participant… not a fly-by-night spamming marketer… and you may become the go-to person in your niche. Create a signature with a link to your blog, but check the rules of the group first to make sure you stay within their guidelines for self-promotion.

7. Match Your Blog Look & Feel to Your Website

A business blog should reflect your business persona, so the look and feel should match your company website. For your blog to be an effective marketing tool for your website, the blog and website should come across as a cohesive whole. However, in terms of the tone, a blog can (should) be more personal and more casual --- even more controversial --- than your business website.

8. Make it Easy for Blog Visitors to Subscribe

Make sure your blog has an RSS subscription option where it will quickly catch your visitor's eye. Include the blog's RSS subscription on your website homepage also. And don't forget to include social buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.

9. Issue a Press Release Announcing Your Blog

If you are just launching your blog, or have an extra-newsworthy post, why not issue a press release with a link to the blog and mention of a particularly interesting post? Remember the golden rule of press releases though: you need to have something unique and newsworthy to say. The announcement of yet another internet marketing blog is likely to elicit a yawn… unless you can come up with a new angle or spin on why your blog is different.

10. Use Twitter to Announce New Blog Posts

And for the last of our blog marketing tips: make effective use of Twitter. Twitter can be a valuable medium to get the word out there about your blog, if you use it sparingly for particularly noteworthy posts. Don’t just stick the same tweet out there about your blog every few hours… that will just get you unfollowed. Mention a particularly interesting post with a hook and then include the link… or make it a question to elicit some discussion from your followers.

Follow these top ten blog marketing tips, and see how effective your blog can be as a marketing tool.

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