Affordable Internet Marketing Strategy

Many business owners are looking for an affordable internet marketing strategy to help drive sales while not breaking the bank. The fact is that by using digital marketing and investing some time you can see significant results from free (or nearly free) web site marketing strategies.

These are our top four zero-budget web site marketing strategies:

1. Write a Blog

Blogs are one of the best ways to get noticed by the search engines (make sure you link your blog to your website). There are several sites that will host your blog for free: two of the most popular are and Make sure the topic of your blog is of interest to your target customer base, and post regularly on subjects that are related to the problem that your product solves – posting about twice a week is usually recommended.

2. Participate in Groups, Social Media & Online Discussions

Get active in Facebook groups, online forums or other social media. Use Google to find active forums and groups in your target market segment or search in Facebook or other social media. Then participate in the discussion by answering questions or providing helpful information, and including a link to your website or product or social profile where it is appropriate. Many groups discourage sales pitches, so keep any selling low-key. You can also make a signature with a catchy tagline and include a link to your website or profile from there.

3. Provide Answers as an Online Expert

 There are a number of websites that allow visitors to ask questions, and then you can go in and answer those questions as an expert. Some websites are freely available for anyone to either answer or ask questions (eg, Quora, Yahoo Answers, and WikiAnswers at, and others require you to register (for free) as an expert (eg, When you answer the questions, you can provide a link to your website if it is directly related to answering that particular query. Make sure you are participating as a helpful member of the community, rather than just selling your own site or product - answer a variety of questions, not just those to which "visit my site" or "use my product" is the answer.

4. Publish Articles Online

Many sites are available where you can easily publish articles for free, and have them link back to your website. Even better, many of these websites also allow other web publishers to re-publish your article on their site or newsletter (including your name, bio and website link). For example, you can publish articles on Medium, LinkedIn, or find another specialty site that caters to your target audience.

Even better, find a complementary site or blog that will publish your article as a guest post, or do an interview or special article on their site.

Other Affordable Internet Marketing Strategy Ideas

Those are my four affordable internet marketing strategy tips that will cost you no money whatsoever… just an investment of time. And if you do it right, you will be surprised how much additional free traffic to your website, and interest in your product or service, you can drive from your efforts.

What other ideas do you have for affordable internet marketing strategy?

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