Marketing and Advertising Taglines:

How to Create the Best Taglines that Sell for You

How do you create compelling marketing and advertising taglines for your business, product or service?

What Is a Tagline?

More importantly, what makes the best taglines?

In her book The Ultimate Marketing Toolkit, Paula Peters has an entire chapter dedicated to writing taglines.

Here is how she describes it:

"A tagline is nothing more than a short statement about your business... The goal is to interest a reader, a viewer, or a passenger in your business... The tagline educates your potential customer market by elaborating on your product or service – all in a tiny, neatly wrapped little package of one line."

The great thing about taglines is that they are free. And the best taglines sell your business or product for you. Use your tagline in your advertising, on your website, your business cards, your email signature, and any other communication that is seen by potential customers.

Tips For Developing Good Advertising Taglines

Here are some tips for creating compelling advertising taglines:

  1. Your tagline should communicate one key message about your business. There are three possible approaches: Communicate a benefit, Describe your product or service (especially if your business or product name does not make that clear), Address a specific customer segment.
  2. Keep your tagline to less than twelve words.
  3. Tie the tagline into your unique selling proposition (USP).
  4. Try to have a tagline that clearly differentiates you from your competitors.
  5. B2B (unlike B2C) taglines need to indicate, in a simple way, what your company does for the customer.
  6. Think about what will be top-of-mind for your customer when/if they need a product or service like yours. Use that in your tagline.
  7. Your tagline should reflect your core company values.
  8. Avoid vague and fluffy descriptions for your tagline. Eg, "where customers come first" is not a useful tagline, because it does nothing to further describe or differentiate your product.

In order to create compelling marketing and advertising taglines, you must first narrow down on who is your ideal target customer, what is their pain point, and what is the unique value that your product or service is providing to them. If you're not absolutely clear on that, take a look at this article on analyzing your target customers and your competitive marketing strategy.